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We do not believe in bots that you can not see the operations in progress, so our bot that also runs in the cloud, shows in your browser all operations that are done for you, with this you can change the parameters of your strategy, and observe the results of these changes.

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How to use the icodroid bot?

Simple you just need to buy a refill, your fee credit will be added to your account


Our bot works with buying and selling of various currencies BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, BCC, BNB, USDT.

Easy to use

Choose a pre-existing strategy or mount your after that click the start button and ready the icodroid will make buying and selling following the rules of your strategy.


All transactions are encrypted and at no time will we have access to your account, you must provide only the KAY API with buy and sell access.

Real-time display

what you see is what is happening, in every transaction there are returns and with that you can go improve your strategies, but we recommend that you do not do manual operations in another application while using icodroid.

Backup & restoration

we have an already established system, widely used and tested, it makes backup every 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Two factor authentication

To earn $5 fee on icodroid, you need to enable two factor authentication.

how to use icodroid?

You can use the icodroid by running your notbook or desktop on top of a browser or contract with us a decoded server only to run the icodroid thus leaving your equipment free for other services, see more details of this mode in our

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Green is our customers' profit


There are several development options under study, each leads to different strands of ideas, our goals are excellence in results.

Automated version

Version with no browser required – Winter 2018. 

Version for Simulation

Simulation version for browser – Winter 2018. 

Version for Android

Bot version for Android phone – Winter 2018.  

Version for Ios

Icodroid Bot for Apple mobile phone – Summer of 2019

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Project under study.

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Easy to set up

Our bot system is simple to use and configure, if you have doubts, try to use the pre-defined settings and carefully read the presentation.pps file, not being able to understand the forward called by our Open Suport Ticket

First steps

Make your registration at the icodroid store, and get credits to use in the system, also make your registration in the trading platform of Binance.

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Download our presentation file with all the steps in a logical sequence at

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