Our Mission

We are enthusiasts of new decentralized payment technologies, our goal is to contribute with excellence to this new and thriving market, we have to make society aware of this paradigm shift, a new reality is emerging and only with the effort of all we will leave the outdated monetary standards.

Our Team

Airton Fraga Porto

Executive Director and Programmer
Supervises the company's business operations including sales, marketing, business development and communications. Develops new programs, performs debugging and testing programs, performs maintenance on programs already developed.

Vera Regina Oliveira Cardoso

to control all the bank transactions of the company, to elaborate the cash flow, the notes of expenses that enter and leave the company, takes care of the preparation and sending of the accounts.

Airton Fraga Porto Junior

Programador Web Site
Program, encode, and test systems. It uses PHP, Javascript, Html, MySQL technologies. Performs maintenance of Web systems.
Important points made me opt for this company. Experience, more than 20 years in the market. Functionality Everything that was asked regarding development was promptly serviced to me. Security in the management system, I rest easy with regard to this important item that I consider to be paramount today.
Gino Roberto luiz
The FragaSoft Company, Represented by Airton Fraga Porto, Responsible for the Development of our Intelligent System of Direct Sales and MMN, is performing a great service, integral personalization in every way. In Which It Demonstrates Professional Competence and Loyalty.
Nivaldo Gonzaga dos Santos