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The TRADE tab allows you to view all the information about trades already completed, you can navigate between all trades already done, observing the results of each trade and the costs of Fee.

All operations

It allows to know the amount of trades divided between BUY and SELL

Day Operations

The window shows how many operations have been performed in the last 24 hours, allowing to separate between operations of BUY and SELL, you can go back in the month and day to check previous results, to get results of other days click the 'Count Results'


The RESULTS window shows several important information as described below

Open Operations

Total Open Orders

Balance Currencies

Total BTC value of all the coins you have in your wallet

Available from BTC

Total available value not used in BTC

Total estimated

Total estimated by adding open orders and other currencies available

Availabre in USDT

Total available unused in USDT (Tether)

Fee payment amount

Total paid in Fee to BINANCE in currency (BNB)


Total available unused in all currencies controlled by ICODROID


Starts the automatic processes of BUY and SELL, according to the adjusted settings, it is necessary to have balance in USDT in the platform of BINANCE for which operations are carried out.


It paralyzes all operations.

Filter tranzactions in Currency

Performs a filter showing only operations on the chosen pair.

Search History

It updates the data of operations already carried out, searching in its portfolio Binance the last 200 operations carried out in each currency.

Buy icodroids on the waves platform

Binance Alticoins

Choose in this tab which coins will work with Icodroid, to choose just check in the column Check the chosen currency, after choosing click the TO SAVE button. Manual Operations and Other Operations On the available buttons, manually execute most of the actions that ICODROID performs automatically.

All Active Orders

It visualizes all open BUY and SELL operations, there are options to update orders (Open Orders Balance) and it is possible in certain cases to cancel open orders, these cancellations are not recommended.

Credits Icodroids History

Shows all credits entries from purchases made in our store.

Varibles / Strategy

All actions that are performed manually or automatically, obey the variables configured in your strategy, it is possible to determine minimum differential values for BUY and SELL, the system will already come preconfigured with a low risk strategy.


To start the whole process, we strongly recommend that you use these capital distribution options across the various ranges of assisting values, the more bands you use the lower the risk, the use of few or only one range increases profits momentarily, however , over time it may be necessary to change lanes and assimilate losses.


It shows a real time log of all the manual and automatic operations that are being carried out at the moment, this log is intended to show possible bugs or configuration failures.

My Data

Only the Binance KEY and KEY PASSWORD are required fields for you to use the Icodroid system.